Oumph! One Pot Bibimbap

Oumph! One Pot Bibimbap

About this project

Oumph! One Pot Bibimbap

2-3 servings


280 g Bibim Oumph!

2.5 dl sticky rice, organic

1 dl broccoli bouquets

1 pak-choi, divided into 4 pieces

2 spring onions

½ shredded carrot or rectangular

Ingredients: Mayo, sesame seeds, sriracha sauce, fresh coriander, sprouts


Take out the Bibim Oumph! from the fridge. Boil the rice by following the instructions on the rice packet. Boil and then reduce the heat. After 5 minutes, add the Bibim Oumph! on top of the rice and put the lid on again.


Meanwhile, slice the broccoli into small florets, shred or grate the carrots or black radish. Cut the spring onions into smaller pieces, divide the pak-choi into cubes. When there’s approx. 15 minutes left of the boiling time, add the vegetables on top of the Bibim Oumph! and put the lid on again.


When the rice is done, pull the saucepan to the side and leave for 5-10 minutes.


Serve your Oumph! One Pot Bibimbap with plant-based mayo, sriracha sauce, sesame seeds, fresh coriander and your favourite sprouts. Enjoy!