Oumph! Omelette

Oumph! Omelette

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Oumph! Omelette

3 small omelettes


280 g Oumph! Salty & Smoky
1 handful of champignons
0.5 garlic clove
1 dl plant-based cream
1 tsp. thyme
1 pinch of baby spinach
Salt and pepper
350 g silk tofu
4 tbsp. of plant-based cream

3 tbsp. potato flour
1 tbsp. nutritional yeast
1 ml turmeric
1 tbsp. vegetable bouillon powder
Salt and white pepper
Margarine for frying


Prepare the omelette batter first: mix everything to a plain and blank batter. Heat a pan with lots of margarine at medium heat. Add approx. 1.5 dl of batter per omelette. Make an even and somewhat round shape. Fry until the batter starts to dry a bit on the surface.

In the meantime…

Defrost the Oumph! Salty & Smoky. Slice the champignons and chop the garlic. Fry mushrooms and Oumph! in a hot pan with margarine. Add garlic, cream and thyme. Let the cream simmer for a few minutes. Taste it. Add the spinach as the last step.

Check that the omelette comes off the pan. Add lots of Salty & Smoky mix, fold, put on plates. Pat yourself on your shoulder and eat!