Oumph! Lasagne

Oumph! Lasagne

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Oumph! Lasagne


½ zucchini

Tomato sauce:
1 bag Oumph! The Chunk
2 garlic cloves
1 peeled yellow onion
1 peeled carrot
780 g crushed tomatoes
1 pot of basil
1 pot of oregano
1 cube vegetable bouillon
2 tsp. balsamic vinegar
Black pepper according to taste, about 2 ml

Cheese sauce:
5 dl plant-based cream
1 tbsp. corn starch
1-2 dl grated and meltable, plant-based cheese
1 ml white pepper

1 dl pitted olives
2 tbsp. caper

If you feel like it:
A good salad


Set the oven to 180° C. Mix the Oumph! in a mini blender along with the carrot and onions. Brown everything in oil. Add all ingredients to the tomato sauce. Let simmer for 30 minutes and then taste. In the meantime, boil the cream, salt, pepper, add some corn starch and add the cheese while stirring. Cut the zucchini into thin slices. Wrap lasagne slabs and zucchini with tomato and cheese sauce in an oven-proof dish. Finish with a layer of cheese sauce and perhaps some more grated cheese. Put the dish in the oven at 180° C for 45-55 minutes. Pour enough oil into a saucepan to make it 3-5 cm deep. Heat up to about 180° C and carefully add the caper and olives. Fry until the caper cracks. Put on a kitchen paper and salt.

Serve the lasagne with the fried capers and olives. We enjoy a good salad and pesto together with it. Choose whichever one you like best!