Oumph! Black Pepper ‘N’ Lemon Ribs

Oumph! Black Pepper ‘N’ Lemon Ribs

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Oumph! Black Pepper ‘N’ Lemon Ribs

2 servings


250 g Oumph! The Filet
5 dl water
1 dl bright soy
1 tsp. miso pasta
4 tsp. sugar
1 grated or pressed garlic
Lemon, the juice from ½ and the peel from one whole lemon
2 ml freshly ground black pepper
Add salt after grilling


Boil all ingredients and add Oumph! The Fillet directly from the freezer. Let everything simmer for approx. 10 minutes.
Pick up the fillets and place them in something suitable, e.g. a plastic bag. Boil the sauce again – let it boil until a more well-thickened consistency is achieved. Pour the sauce over the fillets and leave everything in the fridge, preferably overnight or equivalent.
Put them on spits if you wish, and grill at very high heat on both sides. Pour some of the sauce while the fillets are on the grill. Enjoy together with grilled fennel and long-baked cauliflower.

Blackened long-baked cauliflower:
Rub some oil and salt into a whole cauliflower head. Grill at high heat until the surface has started to blacken. Put the head in aluminium foil and make a package. Grill at indirect heat, preferably under a lid for 45 minutes. Ready!